Inaccurate Detection of Impermissible Use

Veriphyr proactively reports impermissible use of PHI the first time it happens. 


Inaccurate Detection Hurt Everyone

The Consort and District Medical Centre Society in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada risked its reputation, money, and workers’ time by inaccurately detecting impermissible use of protected health information (PHI). An east-central Alberta woman bore the brunt of the hospital’s mistake.

Sherri Galloway, a receptionist for the organization, was fired on February 11th, 2016 without cause. She discovered the reason through a letter sent to the organization’s patients, implicitly blaming her for a privacy breach.


Damaged Reputations

Six months later, the board of the Consort and District Medical Centre Society sent a letter to 51 of its patients. The letter warned of a “likely” privacy breach. They identified that names, email addresses, home addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, health care numbers, diagnostic, treatment, and medical care information could have been at risk.

The board’s letter placed blame on two former employees for a privacy breach. They claimed the employees accessed and reproduced confidential medical records, both electronically and physically.

“The actions of these two ex-employees were only discovered as a result of a post-termination investigation carried out by the clinic, recently completed in June 2016,” claimed the letter.

Implicitly clear was that one of the accused ex-employees was Galloway.


Wasted Money

Two years later, Red Deer Judge Andreasson ruled that the board did not have proper evidence. Even further, he ruled that

“The conduct of the Defendant (the board) was deliberate, motivated by the search for evidence to criticize (Galloway) and vindicate (the board), took place over a lengthy period, and was known by (the board) to be deeply personal to (Galloway)” (a).

The judge awarded Galloway $15,000 in punitive damages and $10,600 in compensatory damages.


Correcting Their Mistakes

By the time of the trial, the board of the Consort and District Medical Centre Society has been completely replaced. They are making necessary changes to prevent similar mistakes in the future.

Inaccurate detection of the impermissible use of PHI cost the reputation, money, and time, of everyone involved.

With Veriphyr‘s advanced data analytics, impermissible use of patient data is quickly, accurately, and precisely detected and reported.



(a) Red Deer Advocate  – September 11, 2018