CNBC Highlights Veriphyr Advisor Steve Katz

Veriphyr proactively reports impermissible use of PHI the first time it happens.

On Saturday, CNBC published an article highlighting Steve Katz, an executive advisor on privacy and security for Deloitte and an advisor for Veriphyr, the leader in proactive patient privacy breach detection.

Katz has advised healthcare organizations including Kaiser and the board of the National Healthcare Information Sharing and Analysis Center (NH-ISAC). He was recently named “Healthcare Information Security Luminary of Year” by the NH-ISAC.

Recently, Katz wrote about corporate privacy governance and preventing HIPAA fines in Becker Healthcare. Katz points out the need to address the impermissible use of Protected Health Information (PHI) by employees through proactive monitoring their access to medical records.

“Good governance can involve setting up a framework based on factors important to the business”

– Kate Fazzini, CNBC

In the same article, Katz identifies the main hurdles hospitals have faced in detecting employee impermissible use of patient data. For example, say there are two employees who have identical job titles within the same department. If both access the same medical record, one may be necessary for treatment, while the other may be a breach of privacy. How does a hospital identify the difference? How does a hospital enforce the difference?

In Veriphyr’s work, Katz found the solution.

“Today, Katz is a go-to name in the industry. He works as a cybersecurity consultant and has a track record of supporting high-value information-sharing initiatives in finance, and more recently in health care.”

– Kate Fazzini, CNBC


For more background on Steve Katz, Security Current recently interviewed him on his forty years of experience.



(a) CNBC CyberSecurity – July 21, 2018.